Stamping Lubrication SolutionsLubrication Solutions to the Metalforming Industry

DMS is partnered with Industrial Innovations who has over 30 years of experience in providing solutions-based lubrication management programs for industrial environments.

As the largest manufacturer of metalworking lubricant proportional mixers and spray application systems in the U.S., you can count on us to deliver a world-class lubrication management solution.

Industrial Innovations is the leading North American provider of lubrication solutions to the metalforming industry from stand-alone solutions to comprehensive plant-wide, closed-loop systems. With 500-PSI capability, our equipment can easily mix and distribute thick and emulsified lubricants required for processing of High Strength Steel (HSS) and advanced materials.

SPRA-RITE™ Low Pressure Lubricant and Coolant Spray Systems

SPRA-RITE™ Low Pressure Spray Systems apply lubricant through specifically designed and patented low-pressure high velocity drip free nozzles. The injector valve eliminates the need for pumps and check valves found in less effective application devices ensuring maximum efficiency. The durable SPRA-RITE system increased production rates reduces lubricant waste and improves environmental conditions giving users a competitive edge.

SPRA-RITE™ LP Spray System Features:

» Choice of turnkey systems to meet various application needs
» Pedestal style designs for portability
» Stainless steel lubricant reservoir tank with liquid regulator air relief valve and a liquid strainer
» Reserve reservoir for eliminating press shutdown for refilling
» Low level lubricant safety switch
» Electronic process control package, including:

200 part storage recipes
Independent skip cycle counting
Independent delay spray
Independent volume control
Controlling up to 48 individual spray nozzles
Operator lock out capability

SPRA-RITE™ Roll-Coater

Introducing Industrial Innovations new SPRA-RITE™ Roll-Coater provides a effective means of controlling the thickness of lubricant transferred from the surface of a roller to the surface of a part. We can coat heavy substrates in rugged environments and use precision to achieve accurate coating weights.


  • External Roller Lubricant Application
  • Quick Release Roller Replacement
  • Programmable Independent Fluid Control
  • Easy Coil Feed Installation
  • Automatic Press Control Communication
  • 12” to 80” Roller Capability
  • Coil or Power Feed Capability
  • 200 Part Recipe Capability
  • Reuse Costly Lubricant

PRO-MIX™ Proportional Coolant Mixing Systems

Accurate and consistent lubricant / water mixing.

The most important rule in lubrication management is consistency, starting with accurate and thorough mixing of the lubricant/water solution. A mixture that is too rich can add significant cost to your operations while one erring on the other side can result in poor part quality, reduced tool life and lower productivity.

Our PRO-MIX line of proportional mixing systems deliver a consistent blend of lubricant concentrate with water in ratios anywhere from 1:1 to 1:150. Our systems accommodate manual delivery or distribution via a continuous pressurized lube to each machine through an in-plant piping network.

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RECLAIM-PRO Coolant and Lubricant Purification, Recycling and Disposal.

Industrial Innovations, RECLAIM-PRO Systems for the purification, management and recycling of coolant and lubricants.

Reclaiming oils instead of disposing just makes environmental and economic sense. Our RECLAIM-PRO coolant purification systems, suited for hydrocarbon or vegetable oils, are known for reducing lubrication requirements by as much as 70% while also decreasing machine downtime.

Our solutions rely on polypropylene coalescing plates to separate oil from coolant or water by utilizing the buoyancy of the oil droplets. To ensure the best solution for each application, we employ a proprietary simulation process to custom design each separator. As no absorbents are used, this approach eliminates disposal issues as no absorbents are used as well as delivering 10+ years of field life and easy maintenance.

We offer four different size units depending upon your particular needs.

SPRA-RITE™ Lubricant Injector System Process Controller

SPRA-RITE Controls utilize an interface to define, manage, and store the critical process variables associated with the control of the lubricant application process. The volume of lubricant and stroke count are loaded into each of the injectors independently using touch key controls. Existing programs are easily edited using the menu prompts and the touch keys. SPRA-RITE’s design provides our customers the unique ability to custom design a lubricating system to meet their specific process requirements.

SPRA-RITE™ Custom Injector Manifold Assembly Features:

• SPRA-RITE injector manifold models are available and stackable in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 injectors
• Key switch look out for process security
• HOT key programming of the spray process parameters
• 200 part storage
• Independent skip cycle counting
• Independent delay spray
• Independent volume control
• Control up to 48 individual spray nozzles
• SPRA-RITE Controls are BCD capable to communicate with certain press controls for automatic spray recipe operation

SPRA-RITE™ Zero Drip Lubricant and Coolant Spray Nozzles for Metalworking Applications

Our patented “Z” series lubricant application spray nozzles incorporate a unique design to effectively apply lubricants to specific areas of the stamping or drawing tooling and/or the stock with virtually zero drip. The High Velocity or HV-style spray lubricator nozzle assembly combines low pressure with high velocity to produce the most effective means for the controlled application of lubricants, helping to eliminate costly waste.

SPRA-RITE™ “Z” Series Spray Nozzles Features:

• 99.5% drip-free
• No strainers, springs or ball checks
• Patented technology
• Choice of volume and spray angles
• Styles for application of thick, emulsified lubricants
• Precise application control
• Lightweight construction
• Universally adjustable
• Magnetic or Die Mounts available