AIDA DSF-M2 Straightside Servo Press | 315 - 1250 Metric Tons Capacity

Equipment Description


Maximized Servo Press Flexibility:

With its first servo press produced in 1996, AIDA SERVOPRO® presses have proven their reliability time and again in over 800 installations worldwide. Throughout these years, and thanks to our customers’ valuable feedback, AIDA has increased the understanding of servo drive technology for daily production use. Thanks to the numerous adjustments available, formability, flexibility and productivity are largely increased. The conclusion is SERVOPRO servo press technology can offer the most optimized stamping solution.

The AIDA DSF-M2 Straightside Servo Press is available in single and double gear configurations and includes all of the features and benefits of the entire range of AIDA servo presses, such as infinitely programmable stroke and velocity profiles, high torque / low rpm servo motors, and the AIDA ECO Servo Press Energy Management System.

Features & Benefits

  • AIDA High Torque, Low RPM Servo-Motor
  • Amplifier/Servo-Controller
  • AIDA ECO Servo Press Power Management System
  • Manual Step Feed
  • Standard Mechanical Drivetrain
  • Mechanical Safety Brake
  • AIDA Patented Metal-Seal Type Hydraulic Overload Protection
  • Light Curtains Across Die Space Area with Mechanical Side Guards
  • Full Recirculating Oil Lubrication System
  • CNC Control with Color HMI
  • Infinitely Programmable Stroke Profile Control
    a: Constant Velocity Motion
    b: Nine Pre-Programmed Motions
    c: Pendulum Motion

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