AIDA NS1 Single Point Unitized Straightside Press | 80 - 200 Metric Tons

Equipment Description


Available in both Crank and Link Motion:

The AIDA NS1 straightside press, available in both crank and link motion models, has a unitized straightside frame construction which reduces deflection and enables high-precision forming. Features such as centered and full length slide guides, a forced recirculating lubrication system, AIDA’s Hydraulic Overload Protection System, and more make the NS1 a high performance stamping machine.

The optimum link motion of the NS1-NL Series, based on AIDA’s long experience and continuing technology improvement is suitable for drawing, bending, and compression works, and it widens the application range of press working.

Features & Benefits

  • Centered and full-length slide guides
  • Forced oil lubrication system on the crank bearings and in slide guide area
  • Compact design frame reduces installation space
  • Reduced frame deflection improves die life and part quality
  • Operation panel designed for operability and safety
  • Large easy to use touch-screen display
  • Fastest hydraulic overload protection system in the industry, HOLP
  • Link Motion (optional)

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