Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is DMS?

A- DMS (Die Maker Solutions) are a team of Manufacturers Representatives who work directly with the manufacturers of capital equipment and tooling.  We are a very knowledgeable extension of their sales force and work hand in hand delivering quality products to the metalworking industry.

Q – What benefit do I have working with DMS versus working directly with the manufacturer?

A – Several.  Manufacturers as you know are quite busy working day in and day out making products for the consumer.  Typically, they are stretched to the max and have little time working with end users like yourself to develop the most optimal solution you may need.  This is where we come in.  We are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the products we represent and pride ourselves in this.  We can spend however much time is needed to work DIRECTLY with you to develop the most cost effective, and efficient solution for your application.

Q – Do I pay more working with DMS versus manufacturers direct?

A – Absolutely not.  We are paid commissions off of the sales of the products/lines we represent.  Your price from us is exactly the same as the price from the manufacturer.

Q – What territories do you cover?

A – Texas and Oklahoma.