Pro-Mix™ V Dual

Equipment Description


PRO-MIX™ V Dual System Components

Two Stainless Steel Liquid Reservoirs (Water and One Lube Concentrates) used to stabilize the liquids prior to mixing. Support systems of the reservoirs include: Automatic Liquid Refill Systems (Motor / Pump / Valve Assembly).

Fluid level monitors located within the system reservoirs continuously monitor the level of the three liquids. These monitors are used to refill the reservoirs on demand, and to discontinue the machine’s service if a dangerous low material level develops during the systems operation.

  • DRIVE Assembly used to thoroughly mix, control, and pressurize.
  • Mixture Ratio Display that displays both mixtures being produced.
  • Mixed Material Distribution System used to distribute the mixed material.
  • LOCKABLE Ratio Adjustment Control.
  • Electrical and Electronic Package used for system control and process monitoring.
  • System ALARM and Diagnostic Indicators.
  • Lubricant Tote Rack.

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