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AIDA is the world leader in mechanical and servo press, with manufacturing in the USA and around the world. With tonnages from 35 up to 3,500 tons, in gap frames and straight side models. READ MORE


Link Systems provides a varied selection of press control and safety devices, including Black Max infrared safety light curtains. READ MORE





The Stamping Press, Press Automation Controls and Coil Handling Professionals

Comprehensive Metal Forming and Stamping Solutions for Every Application.

Proudly serving customers throughout Oklahoma and Texas!

DMS specializes in providing manufacturers with complete metal forming and metal stamping systems that deliver performance and results. To do this, we work one-on-one with each client to obtain a clear understanding of not just their metal stamping and forming needs, but their manufacturing operation as a whole.

We want to know your business.

Your Trusted Partner in Metal Stamping.

Since its inception, DMS has helped manufacturing facilities streamline their metal handling operations through the strategic implementation of precision capital equipment, including:

Metal Stamping Presses
Modular Transfer Systems
Coil Handling and Press Feeders
Press Controls and Safety Equipment
Sheet Metal Lubrication Equipment
Conveying Equipment and More!

However, before anything gets purchased or installed, we make sure that we know the full scope of your application. We also take the time to learn about your ‘pain points’, asking questions related to use cost, budget, past experiences with competitive lines, and plant context. This helps to give us a bigger picture, so that we know exactly how to best address your metal forming and stamping needs.

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