SPRA-RITE™ Lubricant Injector System Process Controller

Equipment Description


SPRA-RITE Controls utilize an interface to define, manage, and store the critical process variables associated with the control of the lubricant application process. The volume of lubricant and stroke count are loaded into each of the injectors independently using touch key controls. Existing programs are easily edited using the menu prompts and the touch keys. SPRA-RITE’s design provides our customers the unique ability to custom design a lubricating system to meet their specific process requirements.

SPRA-RITE™ Custom Injector Manifold Assembly Features:

• SPRA-RITE injector manifold models are available and stackable in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 injectors
• Key switch look out for process security
• HOT key programming of the spray process parameters
• 200 part storage
• Independent skip cycle counting
• Independent delay spray
• Independent volume control
• Control up to 48 individual spray nozzles
• SPRA-RITE Controls are BCD capable to communicate with certain press controls for automatic spray recipe operation

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