Mechanical Gap Frame Press | Single Point | 35 - 250 Metric Tons Capacity

AIDA NC1 Single Point Gap
Frame Press Like all AIDA NC-series gap frame presses, the NC1 Single Point Gap Frame Press uses a welded steel frame, cast iron slide, and over-sized cast steel bolsters. This enables the press to deliver angular frame deflection that can be as little as 1/3 of competitive models, ensuring longer die life and higher part quality.

Mechanical Gap Frame Press | Two Point | 110 - 250 Metric Tons Capacity

AIDA’s Best Selling, High Precision, Gap Frame Press The AIDA NC series single and double crank gap frame presses are probably the most imitated stamping presses in production today.

Servo Press | Gap Frame | 80 - 250 Metric Tons Capacity

AIDA is the leading servo press manufacturer and was the pioneer of Direct Drive Servo Technology over a decade ago. AIDA was the first press manufacturer to use a direct drive servo system for stamping presses which represents the first fundamental change in the metalforming industry in more than 30 years.