LINK Electric Stamping Press Controls and Safety Equipment

DMS sells, services, and supports LINK Electric Stamping Press Controls and Safety Devices for the metal stamping and fabrication industry. In fact, this is what our business was founded on and how we’ve developed a trusted reputation in this industry. DMS is proudly partnered with LINK Press Controls who’s product line is flexible enough to provide a specific control or monitoring function or to provide integrated systems for your presses.

About LINK

Link Systems develops and manufactures press automation controls, tonnage monitoring, die protection, programmable limit switch and presence sensing devices for the metal forming industry. Manufactured and assembled completely in Nashville, TN USA, Link is committed to providing practical solutions and needs for automation, productivity, quality, safety, and shop floor information storage and retrieval.

For an overview of the electronic controls, monitors and safety devices we can provide you with, just click on any of the tabs below that contains detailed information on our products. If you are not sure exactly what your equipment needs or would like to speak to one of our experts, simply call us @ 214-307-2411 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Major Products

Clutch/Brake Controls and Automation Centers

The OmniLink 5000 Press and Automation Control brings a new dimension to mechanical power press production systems – the dimension of affordable total integrated process control through intelligent, microprocessor based technology designed to increase productivity, safety, parts quality, production information, and machine and tooling uptime. The OmniLink 5000 construction is modular, allowing optional hardware for various instrumentation and control functions to be inserted in the controller rack. It is designed to be mounted in the same enclosure that houses motor controls and other electrical controls. The OmniLink 5000 controller can provide the needed flexibility to gain stamping process advantages for manually fed pressews, automaically fed press systems, and presses integrated into production cells.

For a tour through some OmniLink features and typcial screens, click here

The following functions can be provided by the OmniLink 5000:

  • Clutch/Brake Control
  • Programmable Limit Switch for sequencing press auxiliary systems and automation
  • Press Auxiliary Systems Control
  • Automation Interfacing and Monitoring
  • Die Protection/Process Monitoring
  • Signature and Tonnage Monitoring
  • Job Storage for 500 production setups with the new OmniLink II color OIT. (unlimited with LinkNet network system).
  • Automatic Setup of Counterbalance, Die Cushions, and Shut Height.The OmniLink 5000 provides clutch/brake logic and control interface logic for auxiliary press system (i.e., hydraulic overloads, flywheel brakes, variable speed controls for press flywheel/stroking speed, lube systems, etc.). Also easily configured for multiple operator stations, and for a variety of dual air valves.

At LINK, we know that unscheduled “downtime” is simply unacceptable. The OmniLink 5000 offers a level of diagnostics and troubleshooting previously unseen in the metalforming industry. When and if problems occur, we have designed the OmniLink 5000 to help you get your production process up and going as quickly as possible. The reason for last stop, and present running status are clearly displayed on the OIT screen. Error messages are in clear English language (or Spanish) as opposed to error codes that must be deciphered. User definable inputs are provided for Top Stop, Cycle Stop, and Master Stop so that if a stop condition exists at one of these inputs, a message of your choice is displayed.

Standard Stroking Modes:

  • Inch
  • Timed Inch
  • Single Stroke
  • Continuous

Optional Stroking Modes (easily configured)

  • Bar
  • Automatic Single Stroke
  • Continous on Demand
  • Operator Maintained Continuous

Dual Stop Time (Brake) Monitor Clutch Engagement Monitor. Displays stopping time limits and actual stopping time limits on operator screen, and prevents successive strokes in the event of an over limit stopping time.
Figure 2 (click to enlarge)

Complies with all OSHA and ANSI construction and functional requirements. Control reliability is accomplished via two separately powered microprocessor systems performing independently and cross-checking each other. If either systems fails, the control will issue a stop signal and prevent successive strokes of the press until the failure is corrected. All critical clutch/brake logic is stored in eprom memory.

OmniLink 5000 Press & Automation Control Features:

  • high contrast color display
  • on screen messages
  • enhanced graphics
  • graphic & numeric display
  • Spanish & English
  • 12 counters
  • English & metric parameter display
  • user entered job notes
  • stores & recalls 500 jobs
  • reference tonnage waveforms
  • user defined access codes
  • enhanced diagnostics
  • preventative maintenance software
  • PLC interface
  • MUCH more……..

Additionally, LINK can supply all motor controls for the press in the same enclosure as the OmniLink controller rack to provide a compact, consolidated control system. Contact LINK Systems to find out more about the many options we can offer in custom panel fabrication.

Link’s custom engineered OmniLink System 5100-MPC part revolution mechanical power press controls provide unmatched features and flexibility to achieve the ultimate in pressroom productivity and safety at modest cost.These integrated press controls use the OmniLink 805 Operator Terminal, System 5100 card rack, 5000 Resolver/Encoder, and optional System 5100 components with disconnects, transformers, motor controls, and pneumatic components to control motors, clutch/brake, auxiliary press systems, automation sequence and interface, and to provide die protection and tonnage monitoring.

  • OmniLink 805 Touch Screen Terminal
  • Stop Time Performance Brake Monitor
  • 4 Standard Counters
  • 100 Job Storage
  • Multiple Stroking Modes
  • Die Protection
  • Intelligent Diagnostics
  • Automatic Top Stop Compensation
  • Meets all safety requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910.217, ANSI B11.1 and CSA Z142 Standards
  • Optional PLS, Tonnage Monitor, Feed Communication and Analog Speed Control

The LINK OmniLink II Press Automation Control is the most advanced modular press automation control that will help you produce more quality parts in less time.

Product Features

  • Recall and storage for at least 500 jobs with all parameters
  • Resolver based
  • Graphic and numeric display of crankshaft angle
  • Time-based brake monitor and motion detector
  • Error diagnostics in plain English or Spanish
  • Auto top stop compensation
  • Help menus
  • Date and time clock
  • Running history of press stops
  • All notes for the press, job and tool
  • Servo feed interface
  • PLC interfacing

Tonnage Monitor and Die Protection Sensor Interface

The System 1100 is a microprocessor-based monitor that can determine, display and compare developed forces with preset limits for machines that use large forces in the production process. Utilizing strain gage transducers located on appropriate load bearing machine components, the System 1100 is able to measure and display both total load and load distribution.  The measured forces are compared with adjustable high, low, and reverse setpoint limits for each strain gage transducer channel.  An out-of-limit stroke will trip an alarm circuit that sends a stop signal to the machine control.

  • Protect Machines
  • Protect Dies
  • Assess Tooling Wear
  • Control Part Quality
  • Conserve Energy
  • Meet OSHA Requirements
  • Analyze Tooling Signatures

Features and Benefits

  • Available in either 2 or 4 channels
  • Use of Data Windows allow for close monitoring by not only checking absolute peak tonnages, but also checking up to 4 additional local peaks created by staggered tooling
  • Automatic setup allows all setpoints to be calculated and set automatically.
  • 123 setups can be stored and recalled by job name or number
                                   System 1100 Specifications
SIZE:14″ wide x 7″ high x 6″ deep
INPUT POWER:115 VAC +/- 15VAC, 1 ampere
OUTPUT RELAY CONTACTS:5 AMPS @ 120VAC Normally Open energized closed (opens on fault)
DISPLAYS:One four-digit LED display for the total peak tonnage and one four-digit LED display for each channel peak tonnage.
One ten segment multi-color bar graph LED display for each channel.
One 2 line by 20 character alpha-numeric LCD display.
INSTRUMENT ACCURACY:+/- 0.1% of full scale
ALARM REPEATABILITY:0.1% of full scale
GAIN RANGE:500 to 10,000
RECORDER OUTPUTS:10 Volts, full scale
SPEED:0-2000 SPM
RESPONSE TIME:less than 15 milliseconds
SERIAL PORT:RS-232, 19.2 kbaud


The LINK 5020 Sensor Interface is a truly versatile die protection and process monitoring interface system to simplify the quick connection of up to 16 sensors of diverse types to die protection logic units.

  • OmniLink 5000 Die Protection Logic Module. Up to 16 sensor outputs to die protection logic.
  • LED indicators show status of each input sensor.
  • Alternative use of binding posts rather than receptacles for inputs 1-4 allows quick single wire connection of probes and other grounding type mechanical sensors.
  • Power and input receptacles to plug in electronic sensors with either npn or pnp outputs for inputs 1-8.
    => Proximity Sensors
    => Optical Sensors
    => Fiber Optic Sensors
    => LINK Infrared Parts Detectors
    Widely available “Micro DC” style connectors allow the use of sensors with standard molded cables with “Micro DC” plugs for use of field wireable “Micro DC” plugs to terminate sensor cables.
  • User’s die mounted sensor box with receptacle.
  • Quick Connect Receptacle for up to 8 inputs from sensor dock or up to 16 inputs from user’s die mounted sensor box with receptacle.
  • Optional sensor dock can be press or die mounted to provide 8 additional “Mirco” receptacles for inputs 9-16.
  • The LINK 5020 power supply provides 1A at 24V.

Black Max Safety Light Curtains

Black Max safety light curtains are designed to protect personnel from point of operation hazards associated with industrial machinery such as power presses.

  • Available in lengths from 18″ to 48″ in 6″ increments
  • Scan distances of 50 and 100 feet
  • Easy to install and use with mirrors for 2, 3, or 4 side guarding
  • Vari-blank (floating window) is standard
  • Automatic fixed blanking is standard
  • Phototransisitors with ambient light rejection circuitry
  • Optional extension models for horizontal guarding available
  • Perimeter guarding applications available in sizes from 36″ to 72″ in 12″ increments
  • Diverse redundant microprocessor logic design
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI construction requirements for presence sensing devices


  • Minimizes nuisance shutdowns due to ambient light, strobe lights and weld flashes.
  • Maximizes work area visibility.
  • Easy to install and align
  • Allows easy acess to scrap removal and die change-overs
  • Helps comply with OSHA regulations.
  • Provides flexibility by offering vari-blank and fixed-blanking as standard
  • Quick response time combined with small size allows for close mounting.
  • Single failure or fault will cause the system to signal the press control to stop the machine
  • Remote segments can be used to detect a person standing inside the primary sensing field  Link can provide a variety of mounting brackets, as well as floor stands and mirrors for the Black Max Presence Sensing Devices.

Remote Extensions

Black Max remote segments are housed in separate enclosures from the main Black Max units.  They can be used to create “L” shaped or other sensing field configurations when combined with the main transmitter and receiver units.  Remote segments are extremely helpful when the safety distance requirements place the primary sensing field out far enough so as to allow a person to stand between the light and the hazard.  The remote section will detect that person standing inside the sensing field.  The remote sensors are on a 3″ beam center, and are not to be used as your primary sensing field.  Remote extensions for horizontal guarding are available from 6″ to 51″.

Programmable Limit Switches and Press Room Monitoring Software

The System 2500 Programmable Limit Switch provides flexibility and ease of setup for the control, sequencing, timing and monitoring of feed line, ejection, transfer and other auxiliary automation equipment used with power presses. Through quick, simple keyboard programming of up to 24 Programmable Limit Switch outputs and 8 Die Protection and automation inputs, the System 2500 will become a key component in increasing your presses’ uptime.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-volatile memory
  • Stores up to 100 job setups for instantaneous recall.
  • Eliminates tedious and costly trial and error setup proceedures
  • Stroke, batch, part, and quality check counters are standard
  • Easily interfaced to communicate with most Servo Feeds.
  • Allows paperless record keeping.
  • A variety of mounting options are available.
  • Rugged and compact resolver couples to press crankshaft
  • Easy to read display indicates absolute cranshaft position.



System 2500 Specifications
DIMENSIONS:Operator terminal 11.2″ x 6.9″ x 2.5″
Logic Unit 12″ x 11.5″ x 5-3/8″
Resolver 3/4″ shaft/300 lbs radial load
POWER REQUIREMENTS:Voltage 115 VAC +/- 15%
Amperage 1 Amp Max.
ACCURACY:0.6″ @500 RPM
1.2″ @1000 RPM
2.4″ @2000 RPM
ANGULAR DISPLAY:Displays to nearest degree
TIMED OUTPUTS:2 millisecond to 2 second dwell
Any 5 of the first eight PLS channels may be timed outputs
MOTION DETECTOR:Programmable upper and lower RPM limits
SENSOR SUPPLY:+12 VDC Supply for proximity sensors provided by controller
PLS(CAM) OUTPUTS:Up to 24 Outputs:
8 Internal for Die Protection/Monitoring timing
8 Standard external outputs
8 Optional external outputs
Relay – 1NO/1NC, 5A @ 120VAC
Solid State AC -1NO, 3A @ 240VAC State DC -1NO, 3A @ 60VDC
STOP OUTPUT:2 NO relay contacts, 5A @ 120 VAC
Both immediate stops and top stops of the press are initiated
by these contacts. Automatic top stop advance for variable
speed presses
COUNTERS:1 Stroke counter, 3 presettable: parts, batch, quality
JOB STORAGE:Nonvolatile memory store 100 job setups for both
programmable limit switch and die protection/monitoring

LinkNet puts your whole stamping operation
at your fingertips.

The LinkNet system is a software product designed to be used with standard personal computers running Microsoft operating systems.  LinkNet will allow the OmniLink 5000 Press and Automation Controller, the Microlink and the System 1100 Tonnage Monitor to report information and status back to the PC for display, storage, and printing.  This network enables the use of down time codes (DTC’s for each machine).  In addition, LinkNet incorporates a Preventative Maintenance Module for scheduling and generating work order reports for routine press maintenance.

All data is stored in industry standard Microsoft Access database files.  This allows data to be used with many common spreadsheets, databases, and word processors that can read this format.  Crystal Reports is used to generate reports for the LinkNet System. The data can then be used to create custom reports, charts, etc. to fit the specific requirements of a given situation.

Below are samples of two of the reports that can be generated by LinkNet.

(Left-side Fig) shows a typical tonnage signature graph.  The High peak setpoint, low peak setpoint, and reverse tonnage setpoint limits are shown graphically, along with the tonnage at the cursor position.  An archived signature representing a known “good” part can be overlaid with any other graph to give a quick visual indication of die wear.

(Left-side Fig) shows a section of a report giving lifetime tonnage alarms (by die), which can be used to help determine how a particular die is being utilized in production.

In order to better understand the level of information available to you with LinkNet you may download some typical LinkNet reports in Adobe Acrobat format.

Some of the information available in LinkNet:

  • Average tonnage (for 5000 and 1100 tonnage monitors) collected in 10 minute intervals are stored in shift files.
  • Production rates collected in 10 minute intervals are stored in shift files.
  • DTC information is stored in shift files.
  • Status (low, reverse setpoints On of Off, Bypass mode, etc.) is store in shift files.
  • Lifetime average tonnage and number of strokes is stored by machine and die.  This information can be helpful in determining when rework is due.
  • Lifetime DTC information is stored by machine and by die.  The percentage uptime and downtime can be used to determine where improvements should be made.
  • Lifetime highest tonnage is stored by machine and by die. .
  • Number of high alarms, low alarms, and reverse alarms stored by die.
  • Number of machine rating alarms store by machine
  • Parts, Batch, and Quality counter status can be displayed for each machine
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling allows for organized and timely service and maintenance procedures, decreasing the likelihood of unscheduled downtime..

LinkNet also augments on-board job storage capacity of the units it communicates with, allowing an almost unlimited number of jobs to be stored and recalled over the network.

Nowhere else in the world of metal processing equipment will you find such dedicated, hard-working, and knowledgeable professionals ready to work with you to address your unique metal forming or stamping challenges.

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