AIDA DSF-N1 Straightside Servo Press | 80 - 300 Metric Tons Capacity

Equipment Description


Featuring the AIDA Servo Press Drive technology that revolutionized the metalforming industry:

Imagine being able to dial-in the stroke, velocity and dwell profile for any job . . . blanking, drawing, high precision, exotic materials . . . all on one press. With AIDA DSF Servo Press technology, you can have each press you own performing like multiple presses . . . an enormous competitive advantage for you. Plus, with AIDA’s exclusive high torque servo motor, you get the same torque characteristics and power consumption as mechanical presses, without a flywheel and clutch. Better performance. Less maintenance. Only from AIDA.

Features & Benefits

  1. AIDA High Torque, Low RPM Servo-Motor
  2. Amplifier/Servo-Controller
  3. AIDA ECO Servo Press Energy Management System
  4. Manual Step Feed
  5. Standard Mechanical Drivetrain
    a: Driveshaft with Integral Pinion
    b: Main Gear
    c: Crankshaft
    d: Connection Rod with Ball Type Connection
    e: Electric Motor Slide Adjustment
  6. Mechanical Safety Brake
  7. AIDA Patented Metal-Seal Type Hydraulic Overload Protection
  8. Light Curtains Across Die Space Area with Mechanical Side Guards
  9. Full Length 6-Point Slide Guides
  10. Full Recirculating Oil Lubrication System
  11. CNC Control with Color HMI
  12. Infinitely Programmable Stroke Profile Control
    a: Constant Velocity Motion
    b: Nine Pre-Programmed Motions
    c: Pendulum Motion

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