AIDA MCX Two Point Straightside Press | 315 - 1250 Metric Tons Capacity

Equipment Description


The Choice is Yours:

Single or Double Gear, 1/4 or 1/2 inch rating points, Mechanical or Servo. The MCX Series from AIDA offers the highest level of customization through multiple configurations. What does this mean for your stamping operation?

Maximized Production and Maximized Profits.

The MCX Series from AIDA offers maximum flexibility in press specification selection through:

  • Single or Double Eccentric Gear Drive
  • Standard or High Continuous Working Energy Capacity
  • 6.35 mm (0.25 in) or 12.7 mm (0.5 in) Rating Point
  • Mechanical or Servo Drive Packages
  • Wide Variety of Stroke Length & Die Height Choices Available in each Tonnage Capacity
  • Zero Clearance Roller-Type Slide Guides Standard with Oil Film Version as an Option
  • Standard AIDA Control or Optional 3rd Party Control (mechanical presses only)

Features & Benefits

  1. Highly Rigid Frame
  2. Counter-Rotating Eccentric Gears
  3. Self-Contained Counterbalance Cylinders
  4. Ball and Socket Connections
  5. Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOLP)
  • Five Drive Options
    Mechanical Press Drive:
    Single gear 1/4″ rating
    Singe gear 1/2″ rating
    Double gear 1/2″ rating
    Servo Press Drive:
    Single gear
    Double gear
  • Roller Guides (standard)
  • Oil Film Guides (option)
  • Combination Clutch and Brake
  • Medium or High Energy Quill Mounted Flywheel

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