Press Advantages

  • Heavy, one-piece welded steel frame is fully stress relieved and designed to resist deflection, providing more accurate stampings and longer die life.
  • Linings running in an enclosed oil bath dissipate heat and prolong the life of clutch and brake linings.
  • Clutch delivers full torque at relatively low pressure, resulting in longer lining life.
  • Box-type, centered gibs assure accurate slide guiding, providing full control, front to back and left to right.
  • Extra-long gibs guide the slide through the entire length of the working stroke, minimizing the lateral thrust load on the slide.

Standard Features

  • Wet type clutch and brake
  • Hydraulic overload system
  • Super rigid low deflection steel frame
  • Large windows
  • Cast slide with removable t-slotted slide plate
  • Motorized slide adjustment
  • Wide box-type centered gibs
  • Air counterbalance system
  • T-slotted bolster
  • Flywheel brake
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Digital die height indicator
  • Overrun detector (brake monitor)
  • Motorized grease pump
  • Dual air safety valve
  • Floor standing electric control cabinet
  • OmniLink 5100 APC press control
  • Air ejector, 3/8”, one channel
  • Air source receptacle, 3/8”, two channel
  • Flywheel safety guard
  • Air ejector, 3/8”, one channel
  • Air source receptacle, 3/8”, two channel
  • Flywheel safety guard
  • Variable speed, variable frequency main motor drive
  • Main motor reversing circuit
  • Portable 2-hand pushbutton t-stand

Optional Features

  • Link motion drive technology
  • Customized press controls
  • Pneumatic die cushion
  • Anti-vibration press leveling mounts
  • Safety light curtains
  • Tonnage monitor
  • Die cushion
  • Knockout bar
  • Flywheel brake
  • Die space light
  • Anchor bolts and foundation plates
  • Quick-die change system
  • Feeding and coil handling systems

Press Components

  1. Bolster
  2. Slide plate (detachable)
  3. Slide
  4. Steel frame
  5. Slide adjustment housing
  6. Pinion shaft
  7. Adjusting screw
  8. Crankshaft
  9. Connection
  10. Counterbalance
  11. Main gear
  12. Flywheel
  13. Wet clutch and brake
  14. Safety guard bracket

GTX Series 2-Point Straight Side Press

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Equipment Description


The Stamtec GTX two-point straight side press (a.k.a. double crank press) is designed for stamping relatively long, narrow parts at high single-stroking rates or in continuous mode, using either blanks or coil stock; or running progressive dies that need the longer bed area to accommodate long dies with multiple stations. The GTX double crank press offers an extra-wide, centered, six-point, full-length box gib type. The GTX provides a large die area at a very economical price, while still providing the rigidity and low deflection characteristics of a traditional straight side press.

TONNAGE RANGE: 176 – 550
DELIVERY TIME: some models in stock or with quick delivery

Every Stamtec mechanical stamping press can be customized to meet a wider range of SPM, stroke, rating point (BDC), bed and other specifications and dimensions.

Review the specs, advantages and features below, and then contact us for the double crank press your application requires.

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