Pneumatic Die Lifting System

Equipment Description


The TEE-LIFT® Quick Die Change (QDC) system from Wardcraft Conveyor is a patented pneumatic die lifting system that can work with dies weighing up to 20 tons. This system is comprised of steel rails that are custom designed to fit into your specific application, with spun polyester/TPU-lined air bags tactfully positioned below in designated T-slots. When shop air is injected into the air bags, the rails are pneumatically lifted to the shoulder stop in the T-slots. Crowned rollers (set in the rails) are subsequently raised 1/8” above the bolster surface, easily lifting the die in the process.

When the original die is removed and a new die is positioned on the TEE-LIFT® system, the air is released, bringing the rollers and rails below the bolster surface and leaving the die securely in place. The weight of a die will determine whether the die can be positioned manually or mechanical assistance is required for loading/unloading

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