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Over a century ago, manufacturers began using power stamping presses and discovered how much faster and cheaper parts could be fabricated using metal stamping. Now in 2018, presses have become extremely advanced as companies continue to manufacture miraculous machines using state of the art mechanical, hydraulic, and servo technologies. However, in our opinion one company continues to set themselves apart from the rest..and that company is AIDA America.

AIDA is the premier global manufacturer of metal stamping presses and continues to take the lead in developing new and innovative metalforming solutions.

AIDA continues to build on the nearly century long tradition of product quality, industry leadership and innovation established by our parent company AIDA Engineering.

AIDA worldwide boasts approximately 2 million square feet of manufacturing space, 1,500 associates and a press manufacturing capacity exceeding 2,000 presses per year making AIDA, in units produced, one of the largest press manufacturers in the world.
With a reputation for providing innovative and reliable equipment as well as complete solutions,

AIDA is the press manufacturer preferred by leaders in every industry.

Currently AIDA has more than 4,600 presses installed in North America, and 80,000 worldwide, with capacities ranging from 35 to 4,000 metric tons.

AIDA manufactures a complete line of metalforming presses, including gap, straightside, progressive die, transfer, high speed, cold forging and servo-driven mechanical presses. AIDA also offers complete and total turnkey solutions with feeders and automation, giving us the ability to meet all of your metalforming needs.

For an overview of the presses AIDA provides sorted by press type, please click any tab below for detailed information. If you are not sure exactly what your equipment needs are or would like to speak to one of our experts, simply fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

AIDA Metal Stamping Presses

Mechanical Gap Frame Press | Single Point | 35 – 250 Metric Tons Capacity

AIDA NC1 Single Point Gap
Frame Press Like all AIDA NC-series gap frame presses, the NC1 Single Point Gap Frame Press uses a welded steel frame, cast iron slide, and over-sized cast steel bolsters. This enables the press to deliver angular frame deflection that can be as little as 1/3 of competitive models, ensuring longer die life and higher part quality.

Mechanical Gap Frame Press | Two Point | 110 – 250 Metric Tons Capacity

AIDA’s Best Selling, High Precision, Gap Frame Press The AIDA NC series single and double crank gap frame presses are probably the most imitated stamping presses in production today.

Servo Press | Gap Frame | 80 – 250 Metric Tons Capacity

AIDA is the leading servo press manufacturer and was the pioneer of Direct Drive Servo Technology over a decade ago. AIDA was the first press manufacturer to use a direct drive servo system for stamping presses which represents the first fundamental change in the metalforming industry in more than 30 years.


AIDA NS1 Single Point Unitized Straightside Press | 80 – 200 Metric Tons

The AIDA NS1 straightside press, available in both crank and link motion models, has a unitized straightside frame construction which reduces deflection and enables high-precision forming. Features such as centered and full length slide guides, a forced recirculating lubrication system, AIDA’s Hydraulic Overload Protection System, and more make the NS1 a high performance stamping machine.

AIDA NS2 Two Point Unitized Straightside Press | 110 – 300 Metric Tons Capacity

Unitized straightside frame for minimal frame elongation. The NS2 Series is available in both crank motion and link motion models. The AIDA NS2 has a unitized straightside frame for minimal frame elongation (up to NS2-2500, NS2-3000 frame assembly construction tightened by tie rod).

AIDA NSU Two Point Unitized Straightside Press | 200 – 400 Metric Tons Capacity

Same quality and engineering as our other stamping presses, just a few less bells and whistles. 200 to 400 metric ton rating (10% more capacity right out of the box). Designed and constructed for easy, low-cost maintenance.


AIDA PMX Progressive Die Press | Straightside | 300 – 1000 Metric Tons Capacity

The more accurate your stamping press is the longer the tooling will last – and the parts you produce will be of better quality for longer runs. AIDA’s unique slide link motion design minimizes heat and vibration found in dies run in conventional crank or eccentric shaft presses.

AIDA NSU Progressive Die Press | Straightside | 200 – 400 Metric Tons Capacity

Same quality and engineering as our other stamping presses, just a few less bells and whistles. 200 to 400 metric ton rating (10% more capacity right out of the box). Designed and constructed for easy, low-cost maintenance.


AIDA SMX Eccentric Gear Transfer Press | Straightside | 300 – 2000 Metric Tons

AIDA’s SMX Series provides uncommon rigidity and precision in a general purpose, straightside press. Because of the high durability design and large front to back bed areas, SMX presses excel in demanding, non-stop production environments that involve large scale parts requiring deep draw stroke lengths and high production rates such as those common in automotive, appliance, furniture and other industries.


AIDA S1-E Heavy Stamping Straightside Press 300 – 500 metric tons capacity

The S1-E Series Heavy Stamping Press from AIDA expands the range of high-accuracy, heavy stamping by achieving three important elements in the stamping of thick plate: ■ Extends the die life ■ Reduces vibration and noise ■ Maintains high accuracy and high productivity


AIDA MCX Two Point Straightside Press | 315 – 1250 Metric Tons Capacity

Single or Double Gear, 1/4 or 1/2 inch rating points, Mechanical or Servo. The MCX Series from AIDA offers the highest level of customization through multiple configurations. What does this mean for your stamping operation?

AIDA NST Two or Four Point Straightside Press | 300 – 1200 Metric Tons Capacity

Created to meet your conventional stamping press requirements in the most unconventional ways. High-end features with low-end pricing. The AIDA NST press is conventional in name and price only. No glitz, just guts, the NST press was created for high performance, multi-purpose work with the same attention to detail, quality and engineering as every other AIDA solution.


AIDA DSF-M2 Straightside Servo Press | 315 – 1250 Metric Tons Capacity

With its first servo press produced in 1996, AIDA SERVOPRO® presses have proven their reliability time and again in over 800 installations worldwide. Throughout these years, and thanks to our customers’ valuable feedback, AIDA has increased the understanding of servo drive technology for daily production use.

AIDA DSF-N1 Straightside Servo Press | 80 – 300 Metric Tons Capacity

Featuring the AIDA Servo Press Drive technology that revolutionized the metalforming industry: Imagine being able to dial-in the stroke, velocity and dwell profile for any job . . . blanking, drawing, high precision, exotic materials . . . all on one press. With AIDA DSF Servo Press technology, you can have each press you own performing like multiple presses . . .

High Speed Press | Motor Lamination | 125 – 400 Metric Tons Capacity

Optimum Speed Without Reducing Stroke LengthCheck your dies and we bet you’ll find that the majority of them probably don’t require an adjustable stroke press. The exceptional design of the AIDA HMX high speed stamping press allows it to run at optimum speed without reducing the stroke (how does 1500 spm at 1.25″ stroke sound?)

High Speed Press | Multi Suspension | 200 – 400 Metric Tons Capacity

Advancing To an Even Higher StageWith the MSP high speed stamping press, dynamic accuracy is significantly improved because of the compact design and multiple suspension points. A balance between high rigidity and a wide bed area is brought to a higher level using the latest technology.

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